Success can be laid on the basics. The pledge of success is making well thought-out plans by trained professionals. Whether it is mechanical engineering, automation or software development we always consider the ongoing consultation with the Purchaser even when it comes to specifying the job.

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In our development, we strive for the realization of complex and expansive solutions that satisfy every individual need. Flexibility and upgradability are always important aspects that is a great advantage over a "shelf-removable software". For this software a warehousing or corporate management system may need to be adapted due to the inelasticity of the original software. To avoid this the unique applications developed by us always fit the task.

Automatizálás Székesfehérvár, Szoftverfejlesztés

Implementation and maintenance

During the implementation process we aim for maximum flexibility regarding to the solutions applied and the deadlines.

Automatizálás Székesfehérvár, Szoftverfejlesztés


Most of the companies do not have the resources to control and test their existing systems. This is usually only done when the problem is already occurred although in many cases even then they still can not pay enough attention to the problem. Majority of these cases a new product, replacement, repair or DIY seems to be the solution, but it will not reveal the real fault. For this reason, we consider it important to carry out testings for hardware and software products as well.
"If you have enough quality test data for a process you can already design it."
We offer a solution that can be used, administered and FREE.

Plan your company’s future based on valuable and useful data.

Automatizálás Székesfehérvár, Szoftverfejlesztés


We are advocates of continuous consultation throughout the entire duration of the project because we know the market volatility of what we are always prepared to respond appropriately. After the assignment of a project we are not considered it completely closed we can provide support and service in the following period.
These capabilities cover everything, including: availability, development, education, document management and everything else that the market requires.

Be our partner, ask your offer today!

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Searching solutions

Nowadays both technology and data processing are showing an evolution of technology therefor there are plenty of new tools and opportunities for customers. Prior to solving a problem, it is worth taking into account the opportunities offered by the market and incorporating these parameters into the development and implementation phase.
We are committed to such solutions.
The importance of this can occur not only in a project, but also in relation to respond to any market change that carries the re-use and further development opportunities.

Take advantage of our accumulated experience of our diversity.
Whatever you can accomplish, and we will be your committed partner.

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